REDSHIELD WS-100 Alarm system Kit


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Wire-Free Home Alarm System(WS Series) is the basis for a comprehensive home security system that is designed for convenience and easy installation and yet offering many options for expansion and upgrading according to individual requirements. The system is designed to be compact and discreet avoiding the use of wires and thus allowing sensors to be placed at key points where it will be most effective. The various devices communicate through radio frequency and can function in a typical home-sized area.


*8 security zones with 4 operation modes-Alarm, Alert, Home, and Standby
*20second exit and 30-second entry delay
*Controlled from color LCD display Smart Panel or key fob control
*Internal 120dB siren with auto shut off & chime facility
*Quick and easy installation without the mess and expense of running wires
*Battery back-up in case of power failure (with low battery indicator)
*Easily upgraded or customized using Red Shield accessories