Vision X -Panini Cheque scanner


KSh 200,000

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One or Two Pockets
The standard single pocket can hold up to 100 documents ensuring sequence integrity. A two pocket model (Vision X P) is available for applications requiring physical document sorting (e.g. on-us/transit; domestic/foreign; check/payment coupon).
Ergonomic Feeder
The patented 3-mode feeder allows single document drop feed, auto feed with one-handed loading of a small batch, or a larger batch up to 100 documents by expanding the feeder opening.
Feeder capacity, device throughput (50, 75, 100+ DPM) and software options are easily upgradable via software key, to accommodate a broad range of transaction volume, processing time and decoding requirements
Accurate MICR and Advanced Imaging
Advanced MICR reading algorithms – including optical correction for optimal decoding accuracy, and superior grayscale and color scanning up to 300 dpi.
Ultraviolet or infrared front imaging options for security applications


Offers best-in-class reliability and lowest total cost of ownership for distributed check capture based on our core competencies of system scalability, MICR read accuracy, superior image quality, smooth document handling, and professional service. Coupled with a modern, ergonomic and accessible design, and quiet operation.