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• The currency of counted and controlled currencies can be displayed on the screen , with the ability to print the serial numbers and quantities of money on demand
• Automatic Country Selection: No manual country selection is required.
• The total detection time is approximately 0.4 sec. It is ongoing. The counting of the counted money reflects the value, piece information on the screen.
• Money is checked, counted from the back of the front side of the device (depending on your choice).


• Up to 8 currencies detected at the same time:Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Lebanese Pound, Syrian Lira, AED, Nigerian, South African, Saoudi Riyal. • High Accuracy and complex inspection: quantity and position of magnetic ink, Infra-red ink, Spectrum ink, Secure thread, Image printing process etc.
• High speed: Speed:<0.5 second/sheet • List of detected pieces denomination.
• Rechargeable battery inside for portable usage (optional), provide more than 24 hours standby time.
• OCR function:Serial number of banknote can be printed (optional) • Support RS-232 or USB interface to download software.
• Big LCD display and touch screen control panel to provide human interface. • With battery; With RS-232 downloading cable