KSh 75,000

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HL 7S is a value counter with good quality and a nice design, its a heavy duty back loading value counter. Multi-currency detection of up to 10 currencies and has various mode counting features.


◆Multi-Currency Detection — Up to 10 currencies
◆Various Mode of Counting — Mix value / PCS count / SORT / Mix ADD
◆Apply optical inspection and use two CIS sensors to recognize and detect counterfeit bills and to discriminate denominations.
◆LCD Display — Color TFT LCD and full graphic UI notification
◆With touch screen–easy to operate
◆Compact Design — Compact in size and avant-garde in appearance
◆Upgrade the software by USB disk
◆Can connect to the printer to print out the counted report
◆The serial number of the RMB, HKD, USD and EURO can print out
◆All the data could be saved to the PC.