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Dors 800 is a 2 pocket multicurrency sorter with expert level counterfeit detection.


• 10+ currencies in one template according to customer’s choice;
• Automatic recognition of 5 pre-selected currencies;
• 9 kinds of the authenticity verification (including IR, VI, UV, MG detection);
• Note sorting by orientation, face, denomination;
• User-friendly machine due to its 4.3” touch screen and advanced on-screen menu;
• Two hot modes are available through the buttons I and II by the sides of the touch screen. Using them, you can save and recall two most frequently used modes, for example, I for the income counting, II for the CIT preparation – or I for operations of the first cashier, II for the second one);
• Multilanguage interface ;
• The connectivity to an external display, a printer, a CCTV system;
• Software updates are available via Internet without a participation of a technician;
• Easy maintenance due to full access to the sensors when a machine’s cover is opened.